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Crashing Into You

Author: Dayame

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Updated: 2021-09-08 00:23:41

Latest chapter: 295 I'm Not A Wife Material

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《Crashing Into You》Latest chapter
295 I'm Not A Wife Material
294 You're The Rising Star Now...!
293 It Depends On Your Son's Performance
292 We're On This Together
291 Not A Single Moment Of My Life
290 Do You Love Him?
289 So All The While It Was Lee Jin Ho...
288 Are You Afraid Of Your Own Ghost?
287 But She Was Stupidly Crazy Inlove With Lu Jiaosheng
286 After You, Young Miss!
285 Uncle Lu
284 Poor Chen
《Crashing Into You》' main text
295 I'm Not A Wife Material
294 You're The Rising Star Now...!
293 It Depends On Your Son's Performance
292 We're On This Together
291 Not A Single Moment Of My Life
290 Do You Love Him?
289 So All The While It Was Lee Jin Ho...
288 Are You Afraid Of Your Own Ghost?
287 But She Was Stupidly Crazy Inlove With Lu Jiaosheng
286 After You, Young Miss!
285 Uncle Lu
284 Poor Chen
283 Best Man Battle
282 Because It Takes Two To Tango
281 Why Are You So Hard To Understand?
280 What Happens In Hong Kong Stays In Hong Kong
279 How Cruel The World Is?!
278 Samgyupsal Nigh
277 I Saw Her!
276 Who Could It Be?
275 Long Overdue
274 Snack, Lunch, Or Me?
273 And You Belong To Me...!
272 She's Stupid
271 We're Still At Our Honeymoon Stage Tho
270 But She Could Only Ask For One More
269 What's Wrong With Lu Jioasheng?
268 Such A Baby!
267 I Can't Wait To Marry You!
266 You Just Came At The Right Time
265 Are You Thirsty?
264 Third Wheel
263 Give Me A Kiss
262 I Wanted To Fulfill Your Wish Now.
261 Are You Eyeing Him For Your Daughter?
260 So You're Lee Jin Ho...!
259 Are You Upset?
258 But Believe Me, I Already Did!
257 Haven't You Missed Me?
256 20 Missed Calls?
255 I Missed You Too!
254 Will He Ever Find His Match Too?
253 He Lost A Gem!
252 This Man Was Really Courting His Death!
251 J & H
250 Cafeteria Date
249 When Are You Going To Hold A Wedding Banquet?
248 Like Father. Like Son.
247 Did He Offend Him Or Something?
246 He Was Currently Dating A News Anchor
245 Your Husband Must Be A Jealous Kind Of Guy
244 He Is Arrogan
243 So You Like Lee Jin Ho?
242 In A World Of Cookery
241 Why Don't We Get Married To Make It Official?
240 Your Kisses Made My Knees Turned Jelly
239 Her Boyfriend Said No!
238 Two Bottles
237 Never Again
Chapter 236
235 I Just Missed You
234 Once We Hit The Jackpo
233 Gege, Stop Crying!
232 You Are Not My Type
231 What Do You Know About Love?
230 Puppy Love!
229 If Friendship Is True It Will Never Be Broken
228 Second Chance In Love
227 Lee Chin Mei
226 Her First Love
225 You Must Have Really Love Yan Mor Tee!
224 How Long Are You Going To Pretend?
223 I Have No Regrets At All
222 You're The Only Woman I Touched!
221 Why Are You Half-Naked?
220 Then You Can Stay Here For Tonight!
219 You're Punishing Me!
218 Tan Ja Nin?
217 You Really Didn't Know What's Truly Worth!
216 Why It Has Always To Be You?
215 Are You Out Of Your Mind?
214 Ljh
213 Commercial Offer
212 Your Daugther-In-Law Is A Bit Daf
211 I'm Sorry, Song Dei Si
210 I Want A Mini You
209 Never Trust A Man's Word!
208 Lu Jiaosheng
207 He Kissed A Girl And He Liked It!
206 Thump...Thump...Thump...
Chapter 205
204 Party Animals
203 If He Didn't Like It, Why Would She Cares?
202 That Heartbea
201 He Was Having A Hard On
200 Are You Also Getting Madly Inlove With Tan Ja Nin?
Chapter 199
Chapter 198
197 I Love You, Xioasi!
196 No Dog Food For You Tonigh
195 Pre-Honeymoon Trip?
194 You Can Never Be Too Happy In This Life
193 Your Jealousy Is Out Of Nowhere!
192 First Day
Chapter 191
Chapter 189
190 Low-Key
188 He Annoyed Her
187 Every Sunset Of Our Lives
186 Fixed Marriage
185 Girls Talk!
184 Sundates
183 No More Emotional Baggages
182 Jin Ho?!
181 She Was Really Stupid
180 No Doubt, She's Beautiful!
179 Lunch Date?!
178 You're Such A Tease
177 Lee Jin Ho Was Frustrated
176 With Nothing But His T-Shirt On
175 Is That Anaconda?
174 He Got Scared And Pushed Her Head Away
173 Just Tipsy
172 Why Did You Break Up With Him?
171 Painting The Town Red
170 Boys Night Ou
169 Girls Night Ou
168 Going Out With Friends
167 He Lost Him
166 Revive The Club Membership
165 Little Bun
164 Her Driver-Bodyguard
Chapter 163: Sealed The Deal
Chapter 162: Pork Adobo
Chapter 161: Lunch Dates
Chapter 160: Daugther-In-Law
Chapter 159: Let Bygones Be Bygones
Chapter 158: Personal Driver
Chapter 157: Yesterday Was Just A Start
Chapter 156: Public Display Of Affection
Chapter 155: Four Magic Words
Chapter 154: Sick Cycle Carousel
Chapter 153: Maybe Not Now, But Eventually!
Chapter 152: Are They Dating?
Chapter 151: Master And Madam Yan
Chapter 150: Overruled
Chapter 149: Yan Mor Tee's Wife
Chapter 148: Crashing The Internet
Chapter 147: Enchanting World
Chapter 146: Trending
Chapter 145: Woke Up Like This
Chapter 144: I Chose You
Chapter 143: Such A Pity She Has Been
Chapter 142: Do You Still Love Him?
Chapter 141: Stop Hating The Yans
Chapter 140: Who's Jin Ho?
Chapter 139: Why Did You Marry Song Dei Si?
Chapter 138: I Didn't Mean To Hurt Ja Nin Again
Chapter 137: Blaming Game
Chapter 136: Spare Her From Your Rage
Chapter 135: The Unexpected Visitor
Chapter 134: The Lost Friendship
Chapter 133: Her Loyalty
132 His Woman
131 Your Sister Almost Died Because Of Him
Chapter 130: Stolen Kiss
Chapter 129: Was It A Coincidence?
Chapter 128: Her Man
Chapter 127: The Aloof Wife
Chapter 126: Chastity
Chapter 125: How Shameless This Guy Is?!
Chapter 124: The Silly Boy That He Was Has Resurfaced Again
Chapter 123: All Worth It
Chapter 122: For My Personal Consumption
Chapter 121: Say Please?!
Chapter 120: The Proud Ho Min Lin
Chapter 119: Room 1409
Chapter 118: Old Friend
Chapter 117: Let's Live Together
Chapter 116: She Suddenly Felt Alarmed
Chapter 115: Of All People
Chapter 114: Accidental Kiss
Chapter 113: She Wanted To Take It Back
Chapter 112: The Boy She Couldn't Forget
Chapter 111: Why Did You Stay With Me All This Time?
Chapter 110: I Won't Let You Off My Claws
Chapter 109: Don't Lose Your Cool Please?
Chapter 108: Jia You!
Chapter 107: Flight Bound To France
106 Rebound
105 The Interview
104 His Elusive Hear
103 Madam Yan Vs. Young Madam
102 Her New Home
101 What's There To Be Afraid Of?
100 The Break Up
99 Take A Good Look At Her
98 Truth Or Consequence?
97 Let's Play A Game
96 I Feel A Bit Jealous Too
95 A Rare Find
94 What Are Your Plans?
93 There Is Something About Dei Si
92 Let's Start Creating Good Memories
91 Why Does Everything Have To Be This Complicated?
90 Yan Mor Tee And Tan Ja Nin Are Getting Married?
48 It Doesn't Matter Anymore
Chapter 89
Chapter 88
Chapter 87
Chapter 86
Chapter 85
84 Beats Triple Times
Chapter 83
Chapter 82
Chapter 81
Chapter 80
Chapter 79
Chapter 78
Chapter 75
Chapter 68
Chapter 63
77 He Wanted To Meet Her Soon
76 Like Is Just An Understatemen
75 Principal's Enemy #1
74 Crazy Heart, Why Are You Beating So Fast?
73 Caught By His Girlfriend Dating Another Girl
72 I'll Always Be Here To Protect You
71 The Real Score
70 His Girl
69 He Is Not Your Type
68 Cloud-9
67 Sunctuary
66 She's My Idol
65 Her Role Model And Inspiration
64 Where Is Yan Mor Tee?
62 That Rascal
61 Trouble-Maker
60 Stalker
59 I'll Try My Bes
58 Getting Into Your Nerves
57 Song Dei Si
56 New Classmate
55 English Class
54 Dozen Offsprings
53 We Will Not Disappoint Him
52 That Old Fellow
51 Don't Let Me Catch You
50 She Has Gotten Her Hopes Up
49 Let Me Sleep
47 No Other Way But Ou
46 Compensate Me In Bed
45 Let's Break Up
44 Welcome Mr & Mrs Yan
43 He Wasn't Surprised At All
42 Morning Kisses
41 Yours
40 Rightfully Mine
39 Fulfill Her Dream
38 She Doesn't Have The Heart To Hurt Him
37 Love Letters
36 Move In
35 Mrs. Yan
34 Heirloom
33 I Don't Want An Illegitimate Child
32 Lunch Date
31 Be My Wife
30 Unrequited Love
29 Will Trade Places With Him
28 Allergy Shock
27 Bouquet Of Roses
26 If You Don't Move Now Somebody Will
25 Should I Start Giving Up On You?
24 First Kiss
23 M & D
22 Old Oak Tree
21 Over His Dead Body
20 I Haven't Eaten Lunch Ye
19 I'm On Leave. Is It Urgent?
18 His Long Time Love Rival
17 Xiaosi, Why Are You Still Up?
16 Back Off
15 Someone Is Jealous
14 Welcome Home
13 Head Over Fee
12 The Girl She Hated And Never Liked For His Only Son
11 His Kiss Deepen
10 Did You Just Kiss Me?
9 I Cannot Accept Your Term
8 Tell That To The Marines
7 She's Back
6 The Best Morning Hangover
5 His First Heartache
4 The Girl Who Dumped Him
3 She Sobbed To Her Heart's Conten
2 Quietly Annoying
1 Can You Help Me?